XPara Mutualistic Helminths

XPara Mutualistic Helminths is developing therapeutics for chronic diseases based on helminth parasites.

Warden Bio

Warden Bio, now a part of Kriya Therapeutics, is developing novel AAV-mediated gene therapies for glycogen storage disorders.


Versametrics is developing automated, longer-term approaches to testing electronic devices for research and industrial use.

Tune Therapeutics

Tune Therapeutics is pioneering the creation of new medicines using an epigenomic control platform.

Sonokine Biosciences

Sonokine Biosciences is developing cancer treatments that use high intensity focused ultrasound in combination with targeted delivery of immune therapies.

Solar Unsoiled

Solar Unsoiled is an interactive, data-driven platform to optimize global solar energy production by targeting optimization surrounding soiling losses.

Sentinel Medical Innovations

Sentinel Medical Innovations is developing medical devices to protect from oral trauma during surgical procedures.


Minutia aims to develop stem cell-derived transplants that can communicate transplant status in vivo and that are resistant to common transplant challenges.


Forewarned is establishing network and enterprise security for safer online environment using STINGAR to improve the safety of all users.


FaunaLabs is developing the next generation of animal collars to measure cardiovascular health through the fur of dogs, cats, horses, and cattle.

Exvade Biosciences

Exvade Bioscience is engaged in developing groundbreaking technologies to better monitor and treat malignant brain tumors.

Effective Tobacco Treatment

Effective Tobacco Treatment consults and helps develop high-impact, financially-sustainable smoking cessation programs.

Domus Diagnostics

Domus Diagnostics seeks to create tests for infectious diseases that are affordable, user-friendly, accurate, and rapid enough to address the needs raised by current and future public health crises.

Boundless Science

Boundless Science is developing technologies to deliver oxygen to patients more efficiently than existing technologies.